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Chilren During Physical Education Lesson


iCare Telecare is a group of providers dedicated to delivering medical care to people where they are through telemedicine. Our mission is to bridge gaps for patients and families that are unable to get specific care immediately. iCare Telecare is looking to engage family units, make care for them accessible, affordable, and convenient.


Our goal is to offer affordable healthcare services to patients. We provide services in accordance with the The Idaho Telehealth Access Act. We are a virtual practice offering telemedicine services for many of the nonemergency common illnesses you would typically visit a provider for.

Please note: If you are experiencing difficulties breathing or if you are having a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, please call 911 and seek immediate care. 

Payment Options:

  • Uninsured (Cash ONLY) Patient medical visit 

    • $89* due at time of visit

      • *Specific treatment plans may have a varying fee schedule, please consult with your provider if you have questions. ​

  • Insured (patients with healthcare insurance) Patient medical visit

    • Copay is due at time of visit.​

  • $35 for cancellations within 1 hour or less of scheduled appointment

Our Hours:

Because we are telemedicine, our hours are quite flexible. There's a good chance a date/time is available that fits your busy schedule. 


Our patient consultation fees will be collected after your consultation, however to start your session, a debit or credit card is required as you consult begins. We pre-authorize your debit or card, start your telemedicine consultation, and after it concludes, your debit or credit card will be appropriately charged.


We Currently accept:

  • Blue Cross of Idaho

  • Blue Shield of Idaho/Regence

  • Idaho Medicaid

  • Pacific Source Health Plans

  • Select Health

  • United Health Care

  • University of Utah Health Plans

Controlled Substances:

We do not nor will we ever prescribe any controlled substances (such as narcotics) or treat any condition that would result in a necessary prescription of a controlled substance. 

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