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iCare Social

02/23/2024 -iCare Telecare partnered with Lee Broadcasting, "Hot 100", "Buck FM", and "Kat Country" for advertising. 

01/09/2024 - iCare Telecare signed with Cigna Health Plans (pending go-live)

01/03/2024 - iCare Telecare partnered with St. Luke's Health Partners to include Select Health, Pacific Source, Blue Cross of Idaho St. Luke's Plan, Mountain Health Co-Op, and St. Luke's Health Plan. 


02/01/2023 - iCare Telecare partnered with and now accepts Regence Blue Shield of Idaho.

9/13/2023 - iCare Telecare now accepts Idaho Medicaid and Blue Cross of Idaho.


09/01/2023 - iCare Telecare is gearing up to accept your health insurance before the end of 2023. Stay tuned...

07/07/2023 - iCare Telecare partnered with and now accepts United Health Care insurance!

6/01/2023 - iCare Telecare partners with a new provider, Dori Healey!


04/01/2022 - iCare Telecare launches amazing new membership services for individuals and families offering unlimited visits. 


03/07/2022 - Mask Mandates are OVER let us treat your Maskne


02/28/2022 - iCare Telecare Partners with Drip DIVa Mobile Infusions


12/03/2021 - iCare Telecare partnered with Quest Diagnostics for all our lab work to better offer care to our patients. 


11/13/2021 - iCare Telecare has partnered with Kareo as our primary Telemedicine and Patient Portal platform.


11/11/2021 - iCare Telecare just launched our LinkedIn page. Visit


11/02/2021 - iCare Telecare just launched our Facebook page. Visit

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